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Nigerian workers build union power

26 Jun 2014
ITF-LOTCO global delivery seminar, Lagos
Nigerian workers came together in Lagos last week, to learn how to strengthen their position as vital members of the global supply chain.

Global delivery companies are already active in Nigeria, and with the country’s economy booming, this trend is set to continue. The workshop, which ran from May 26-28, aimed to help workers to learn more about union building in companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT and Geopost – and what the ITF can do to connect workers in different countries.

Participants heard presentations on the state of the global delivery industry at the international and national level. They were also asked to use their own experiences to create strategies for reaching out to workers at global delivery companies in Nigeria.

One of the participants, Dipo Ogunleye, deputy president general of the Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria, said: “We now have a strong direct link with the global delivery network and an opportunity for our global network to support each other in our union-building efforts.

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