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IBF press statement: Non Seafarers Work Clause

17 Jul 2014
Press Release

The IBF High Level Officers meeting held in Stockholm, Sweden on 12 of March 2013, considered, inter alia, the industrial dispute at the US West Coast which has led to a lockout of dock workers supporting a lawful action by the ITF affiliated ILWU.

Both parties agreed a joint statement to continue commitment to the adherence to the Non-Seafarers Work clause under IBF agreements. Specifically, both parties considered the interpretation of the existing text in Article 4 of the IBF Framework TCC Agreement (Non-Seafarers Work) and respective text in the IBF Special Agreement, and mutually agreed that such work traditionally or historically done by Dock workers may include opening and closing hatches.


About the IBF
The IBF provides a forum for discussion between the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and its member unions, and the maritime employers in the Joint Negotiating Group (JNG). For more details please see here or here.

For more details please contact Sam Dawson

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