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Honouring Cabin Crew

news 31 May 2023

As we mark another Cabin Crew Day, the ITF is proud to take this opportunity to reflect on the essential role these workers play in keeping the world moving. It is hard to imagine what aviation would possibly look like without the dedication, professionalism, and hard work of cabin crew.

But today is also a reminder of the enormous challenges these workers face. Today is about celebration, but it is also about redoubling our efforts to fix the problems in the sector.

The way employers in aviation work demands long hours and irregular shifts of workers. But this comes at a cost: overworked and under-rested cabin crew members mean that the well-being and safety of both workers and passengers alike is in jeopardy. Fatigue impairs judgement, attentiveness, and reaction times, all of which make the skies less safe.

But it is simply not true that this problem has no solution. Better rostering practices that consider crew members as human beings and provide sufficient rest periods between flights would make an enormous difference for the better - for everyone.

Another major challenge affecting cabin crew workers is the rise in incidents involving disruptive passengers. Whether it’s excessive alcohol consumption or refusing to comply with safety protocols, these kinds of behaviour make the job of cabin crew harder and less safe - but they also make the journey worse for everyone else.

This is why promoting a culture of respect and empathy is vital - and why it’s a job that employers must take up. Educating passengers about the importance of adhering to safety protocols, treating cabin crew members with kindness, and recognizing their authority will foster an environment conducive to a positive flying experience for everyone.

On this special occasion of Cabin Crew Day, let us collectively acknowledge the unwavering dedication and hard work of cabin crew workers. By implementing fatigue risk management systems and fostering a culture of respect, we can create a safer and more pleasant flying experience for cabin crew members and passengers alike.

Today, let us express our gratitude and appreciation for the tireless efforts of these unsung heroes who play an integral role in the aviation industry. Together, we can ensure that the skies remain a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Happy Cabin Crew Day!