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The Dockast - Episode 3: What young workers want – with guests Jack Boutros and Aarin Moon

news 27 Oct 2022

What’s stopping young people from joining a union? Is big tech a big threat to workers? And can you hear an ‘air quote’ through a podcast…?🤔Answering these questions and more are hosts Viri Gomez (ILWU Canada 🇨🇦) and Nick Loridan (ABBV-BTB Belgium 🇧🇪), along with their special guests Jack Boutros and Aarin Moon, both of whom are on the front line of organising young workers in Australia.

Jack Boutros is a Sydney-based gig economy campaigner fighting for the rights of delivery riders with the Transport Workers’ Union of Australia 🇦🇺. Usually based working at the union’s national office, Jack tells our hosts of how he’s swapped his campaign boots for the world of ‘organising’ in the workplace - signing workers up to join the union and working with them to build their collective power.Aarin Moon is an organiser with the Maritime Union of Australia 🇦🇺. His maritime working life began on the docks of Newcastle, New South Wales, where Aarin first joined the mighty MUA as a first as rank-and-file member. Since then, he’s been involved in the some of the MUA’s most important organising campaigns of the last few years, today as a full-time organiser. Aarin’s recent organising victories include the MUA and other unions’ efforts to successfully unionise Melbourne’s Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT), securing a collective bargaining agreement in the face of significant initial opposition from the terminal’s owner ICSTI.Like and subscribe, comrades. ✊🚩🏗

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