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Sustainable Transport

Climate action with jobs and just transition for a zero carbon future

The effects of climate change are already being felt. As those impacts amplify, it is the poorest and most vulnerable that will pay, exacerbating the inequalities we face today. Without urgent action, average global temperatures will hit 1.5C above pre-industrial levels by 2040 – a tipping point which may be irreversible. While increasing global regulation and carbon reduction aims are forcing a shift in business as usual, the pace of progress still does not reflect the gravity of the challenge.

Sustainable fuels and new technologies do offer hope, but they also require a shift in the employment landscape and a reorientation of workforce needs. Ecologically and socially sustainable transport solutions will help ensure a just transition... that keeps workers at its heart.

We're moving towards a sustainable transport future, advocating for smarter cities and transport systems connected by publicly-owned urban transport. We're fighting for climate justice by ensuring the world acts both ecologically and equitably to protect our planet, while guaranteeing a just transition for workers. As the world's leading transport authority, ITF has an important role to play in uniting a future vision for workers, and leading collaborative action toward a zero-carbon future with the urgency the climate science demands.

This is a defining moment for the global labour movement. Trade unions are the world’s largest democratic organisations. Together we are leading the response to the greatest challenge facing humanity.

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Sustainable Transport News

News | 20 Nov 2022 Press Release

Breakthrough on loss and damage, attempts to sideline labour standards

The global climate summit, COP27, concluded today with a breakthrough on the Global South’s decades-long call for a fund to pay for climate-related loss and...

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COP27: Shipping decarbonisation action plan launched to upskill global seafaring workforce

Shipping action plan launched at COP27 in response to new research cautioning ‘as many as 800,000 seafarers’ due for carbon upskilling by the mid-2030s....

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Just transition through collective bargaining: lessons from Chile

As global leaders convene for COP27 in Egypt, ITF project coordinator Bruno Dobrusin outlines how the world can learn from the just transition underway in...

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Report: sustainable transport must drive Africa’s energy and economic transition

Sustainable transport must be at the heart of every African country’s plan for economic development, according to a new report from the International Transport...

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