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Transport Workers need action on climate change

04 Mar 2023

To: Transport and Environment Ministers

We cannot tackle climate change without a radical transformation in how people and goods move, in how we move the world.

From public transport to shipping, and from trucking to aviation, it is clear that no government can credibly claim to be addressing climate change without ambitious plans for decarbonising transport.

That is why we are calling for you to step up our country’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement climate goals.

The IPCC is clear. We need zero emissions by 2050, and at least a 45% emissions reduction by 2030. Our NDCs must include specific and ambitious emissions targets for transport, including:  

  • International aviation and maritime emission reductions must be aligned with Paris Agreement targets

  • Transport must be supported by an energy transition plan, which is vital for providing zero carbon fuels and renewable energy on which a zero carbon transport sector depends

  • A decisive modal shift to publicly-owned public transport and away from private journeys - transport is a public good

  • Commitment to financing investment in zero carbon transport infrastructure and services that ensure rapid decarbonization and democratic control

  • Funding commitments for zero carbon transport systems in the global south

Our NDC must recognise our obligations under the Paris Agreement for a just transition. Climate policy must be a jobs policy. Maintaining and creating good union jobs, where workers in affected sectors are protected and retrained, and terms and conditions of all transport workers are bolstered, must be prioritised — in particular for women and young transport workers.

These goals cannot be achieved without the involvement of the people who make our transport sector run - transport workers ourselves. The voices of workers need to be at the heart of decision making on our climate goals and the transformation of our industries.

We have an opportunity to not just effectively tackle climate change, but to create a better and more just world for all in doing so. We are calling on you to seize that opportunity.