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AVSEC: Drop the court case - pay your workers!

Airport workers in Thailand are being robbed.

AVSEC, a major employer of ground staff in Thailand's airports, has been by labour inspectors to have violated the country's labour laws. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the company have denied their workers their legal right to a full one-hour break in their shifts.

The court has ordered the company to pay more than 8 million baht to the workers. But so far, they haven't paid up a penny.

Instead, AVSEC bosses are dragging their feet and doing everything they can to dodge their responsibility. They have even filed an appeal in the Labour Court to avoid having to pay the workers what they're due.

The Airport Workers' Union of Thailand - a newly formed but rapidly growing union representing these workers - is fighting back, and they have called for international pressure on the company. Join them in their demand to the AVSEC leadership: drop the court case, and pay your workers!