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15 Nov 2019

Über die Kampagne

UN Day VAWG 2019

Transport & Dock Workers Union, Mumbai

We need to shout from the rooftops about the need for countries to ratify C190!

Help us get the message out to everyone that violence-free workplaces are a basic human right.

Take selfies and group photos with your templates and posters and share them with us for our campaign!

Use your template photos in your communications with your governments, employers and national centres to show them why your country needs to ratify C190. To start a dialogue, see how your country has voted.

Use our placard and tell us why your country needs to ratify.

Use our poster to decorate your unions and workplaces.

Engagiere dich

Share your posts, tagging us on Facebook and Twitter, using hashtags:

#ITFWomen #ThisIsOurWorldToo #StopGBVatWork #RatifyC190 #WeAreITF

Spread the word
Share your posts, tagging us on Facebook and Twitter, using hashtags: #ITFWomen #ThisIsOurWorldToo #StopGBVatWork #RatifyC190 #WeAreITF
Deine Erfahrungen bitte
Share your action stories and union initiatives. UN Day on 25 November 2019 is a great opportunity to join with your ITF sisters and brothers and draw attention to the violence faced by women transport workers around the world. We particularly want to hear about any lobbying or awareness raising on C190.
Deine Maßnahme

Read our blog post

Our blog post tells you what you need to know about Convention 190 and its importance for transport workers. We need to continue working collectively to keep this momentum going.

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