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ITF Asia Pacific

Solidarity with transport unions in Asia Pacific

The ITF in Asia Pacific represents 1.1 million transport workers through its affiliates – the largest transport union membership outside of Europe. It covers 30 countries.

Our objectives are to: 

  • expand trade union membership
  • promote and conduct trade union education
  • strengthen the capacity of transport unions for solidarity
  • address HIV/AIDS-related issues 
  • promote gender activities and youth participation in ITF at all levels

We have offices in Delhi, Sydney and Tokyo. Delhi is the liaison office for India. The Sydney office is our base for the South Pacific (including Timor-Leste). The Tokyo office is our base for East Asia.

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ITF Asia Pacific News

News | 29 Sep 2022

Make Safe Rates laws permanent unions and academics tell South Korean lawmakers

There is overwhelming evidence for the link between road safety and driver pay, international experts and global union leaders told South Korean lawmakers this...

News | 29 Sep 2022

Maritime Workers' Survey

An opportunity to have your say on the big issues facing our maritime industries.

News | 31 Aug 2022

Who is the ITF? A response to the Fijian Government

On August 23rd, the Attorney General of the Fijian Government launched a public attack on the ITF's legitimacy. This came after we, together with the Fiji Trades...

News | 23 Aug 2022

South Korean truck drivers call out alcohol giant from the rooftops as strike continues

Image caption: The ITF’s Noel Coard (pictured right with KPTU’s Wol-San Lim) said 20 million workers stood behind demands for Hite-Jinro to reinstate sacked...

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