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News | 26 Jun 2014

ITF reports crewing agents to Interpol for suspected human trafficking

It is alleged that the agents withheld the fishers’ wages, in some cases for over a year; produced counterfeit documents relating to crew members’ employment;...

News | 26 Jun 2014

Nigerian workers build union power

Global delivery companies are already active in Nigeria, and with the country’s economy booming, this trend is set to continue. The workshop, which ran from May...

News | 26 Jun 2014

Pay increase victory for seafarers

The announcement was made as the first round of negotiations on the new IBF framework agreement were concluded in Indonesia today – eight months after they...

News | 26 Jun 2014

Drivers win after month-long dispute

Negotiations for better conditions for drivers at Toll, a trucking subsidiary of Australia’s Toll Holdings working in the north of New Zealand, broke down at the...

News | 26 Jun 2014

Victory for Thai railway workers!

The case started in October 2009 following a series of rail accidents, one of which killed seven people. Members of the ITF-affiliated State Railway Workers’...

News | 26 Jun 2014

ITF condemns India bus worker attack

It was reported on 4 June that a male passenger stripped and beat conductor Deepmala Sonawane when she stopped him getting on her bus through the wrong doors....

News | 26 Jun 2014

Freed at last – Albedo hostages on their way home

The seven Bangladeshi, two Sri Lankan, one Indian and one Iranian hostage were among the 23 crew on the Malaysian-owned and flagged containership Albedo when it was...

News | 26 Jun 2014

Spotlight on women’s strength at Indian port union

James credited the TDWU with a very progressive approach to women workers, pointing to the fact that the ITF-affiliated union organises across a range of categories...