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News | 21 Jan 2019

Metro workers win in ownership battle

Line 9 has been operated by the French companies RATP Dev and Transdev, making it the only privately-run main Seoul metro line. However, last week Seoul city...

News | 21 Jan 2019

ITF unions take action for Thai union leaders

Activists in India, France, South Korea, the UK, Japan, and Turkey took solidarity action and delivered messages to their country’s Thai embassies. The seven...

News | 18 Jan 2019

ITF to work more closely with federation representing air traffic services workers

On Monday 14 January, ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton and IFAIMA president Fernando Henriques Lopes signed the memorandum to bring the work of the two...

News | 18 Jan 2019 Press Release

Persecution of union leaders ‘shames Thailand’

However, the mission has welcomed positive meetings it has had with government officials in the last two days about the long-running case. The seven SRUT leaders...

News | 17 Jan 2019 Press Release

ITF opposes BHP’s decision to end 100 years of Australian shipping

The decision will see 80 Australian seafarers lose their jobs, ending more than 100 years of Australian-crewed iron ore shipping servicing BHP and BlueScope...

News | 17 Jan 2019 Press Release

Media advisory: global union in Bangkok to support persecuted rail workers

The workers have been fined, sacked and had their pay docked just for exposing safety failings on the rail system. The ITF delegation will hold a media conference...

News | 16 Jan 2019

ITF supports air traffic controllers affected by US government shutdown

Air traffic controllers are among the thousands of US workers impacted by the stand-off between the President and Congress, resulting from disagreements on public...

News | 15 Jan 2019 Press Release

Transport in 2040: how automation and technology will impact the future of work

The forward-looking assessment, produced by WMU, investigates how the global transport industry will change as a result of automation and advanced technologies,...