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News | 02 Jun 2023 Press Release

New York transit workers win respect and recognition with strong new collective bargaining agreement

1 June 2023, London – New York’s bus and subway workers are set to receive a 9.8 percent pay rise over the next three years and have successfully campaigned...

News | 28 Apr 2023

Organising for safer workplaces this International Workers’ Memorial Day

Unions remember workers lost to negligent employers and safety standards Today, the 28th of April, marks International Workers’ Memorial Day, when trade unions...

News | 20 Apr 2023

Supreme Court ends Waterfront Commission’s reign of union-busting in New Jersey port

New Jersey’s port is free of the meddling of the archaic Waterfront Commission after the unanimous decision on Tuesday (18 February 2023) by the United States...

News | 31 Mar 2023

Investment in transport infrastructure and workers can transform Mexico into global transport hub

MEXICO CITY — The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) has this week called on Mexico’s Obrador Government to join forces with transport unions...

News | 23 Mar 2023 Press Release

Governments obliged to learn pandemic supply chain lessons – maritime report

Governments should learn lessons from the pandemic and its aftermath to secure reliable maritime supply chains for their citizens and the climate, the International...

News | 18 Mar 2023

ITF condemns attacks on Argentinian railway workers

The ITF is appalled by recent attacks on Argentinian railway workers and the reckless and irresponsible actions of the employers which led to them. Cancellations...

News | 02 Mar 2023

Sanitation rights: Vivian's story

“...sometimes there’s nobody to cover for us, and we could not leave to find a bathroom. We have to hold it, and it causes urinary infections. Sometimes...

News | 22 Feb 2023 Press Release

Mile 201 exploitation in South Atlantic risks environmental catastrophe and livelihoods of regional fishers, unions warn

An environmental catastrophe is looming in the South Atlantic because unregulated ships are over-fishing, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF)...