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News | 12 May 2021 Press Release

XPO shareholders reject executive pay plan

The vote follows revelations from unions that money that XPO took as UK furlough payments was received around the same time that executive pay was boosted. Unions...

News | 11 May 2021 Press Release

Police brutality won’t fix Panama Canal’s safety crisis

Panamanian authorities would rather unleash police violence on union activists and detain peaceful protesters than address the urgent safety concerns canal workers...

News | 07 May 2021

Shocking police violence and repression in Colombia must stop

The Colombian government must respect its people and their right to protest peacefully. The ITF joins the international community in expressing profound shock at...

News | 04 May 2021

Authorities warned of accident waiting to happen on Mexico City metro

People living near the site of the fatal overpass collapse that happened in Mexico City on Monday warned authorities of bulges in the walls of the underpass and...

News | 29 Apr 2021 Press Release

Trudeau’s anti-strike law is an illegal assault on human rights

Unions across the world are outraged to learn that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal minority government had teamed up with Canada’s Conservative opposition in the early...

News | 29 Apr 2021

The crackdown on supply-chain bullies who pit worker against worker

A new tie-up to strengthen union influence along the US West Coast forms a major plank in the fight against global companies who exploit the chain of...

News | 17 Mar 2021

Dockers union wins outsourced entitlements fight after three-month hunger strike

After a long legal battle and unconditional solidarity from the ITF Americas regional office and ITF Dockers’ Section, UNISITRAPOSPA (Union of Panama Dock...

News | 15 Mar 2021

Argentina limits aircrew exposure to cosmic radiation for the first time

Aviation workers who exceed 6mSv a year of exposure to cosmic radiation are recommended to stop flying under new guidance issued by the government of Argentina, its...