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Joint statement by the ITF, UNI and Deutsche Post DHL Group

13 Dec 2018
Press Release
The Global union federations, the International Transport Workers’ Federation ‘ITF’ and UNI Global Union ‘UNI’ and Deutsche Post DHL Group ‘DPDHL’ worked towards building a constructive and solution-oriented approach during 2018 by following the agreed procedure of the OECD protocol first established in July 2016.

Under the terms of the protocol the ITF, UNI and DPDHL met four times in 2018, including one with high-level representatives – the general secretaries and the DPDHL corporate board member of human resource.  The meetings and dialogue serve to further build trust and a sustainable relationship, as well as addressing labour relations issues around the world.

In addition, the parties encouraged improvements in the relationships on a regional and local level. For the first time the parties convened a joint visit to Panama in April 2018 to facilitate improved relationships at a local level in the Lat/Am region. The parties continue to work on building trust and sustainable relationships at local level across the globe.

At a high-level meeting hosted by the German national contact point of the OECD in October 2017, DPDHL, UNI and the ITF requested the protocol to be extended through to December 2019. On the agenda for the 2019 meetings, the parties agreed to explore expanding the content of the regular meetings to be more functional, constructive and a reference guide for industrial issues for all parties. In addition the ITF, UNI and DPDHL agreed to discuss and exchange views on the future of work, digitalisation and responsible supply chain standards.


Media Contact:

Deutsche Post DHL Group Media Relations
Christina Müschen
Phone: +49 228 182-9944

Deutsche Post DHL Group is the world’s leading mail and logistics company. The Group connects people and markets and is an enabler of global trade. It aspires to be the first choice for customers, employees and investors worldwide. The Group contributes to the world through responsible business practices, corporate citizenship and environmental activities.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) helps create borderless solidarity among transport workers around the world. It supports 670 affiliate trade unions in 140 countries, representing 19.7 million workers. For the latest news from the ITF go here

UNI Global Union represents more than 20 million workers from over 150 different countries in the fastest growing sectors in the world – skills and services. A total of 90% of new jobs are expected to be in these sectors in the next decade.

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Osman Ibrahim
7 months 3 weeks ago

We in Ghana here are fully in support of this protocol as it will help us in dealing with the management of DHL both global forwarding and Express, operating in Accra here.
Kudos, and thanks

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