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Doris Sin

It is with great shock that the ITF reports the death of Doris Sin, Assistant Head of the ITF (FOC) Hong Kong Campaign Office. Our thoughts are with Doris’ family in this difficult time.

Doris was a key member of the ITF team in Hong Kong for over seven years. As Assistant to the Head of the ITF (FOC) Hong Kong Campaign office she worked tirelessly to promote our causes and achieve victories for transport workers around the world.

ITF General Secretary, Stephen Cotton, expressed his sympathies on behalf of the ITF: “Personally, it was a great pleasure to work with Doris. She was such an unassuming character, always hardworking, diligent and professional in her work. From the moment she started work on the Hong Kong dockers project she displayed compassion, intelligence and built a global network. She touched all of our lives and she will be sorely missed.”

Doris’ death will be felt across the ITF, particularly in the Asia Pacific region where she worked closely with our regional offices and affiliates. She actively played a role as a bridge for communications in the Hong Kong Trade Union movement and within her union she demonstrated endless energy. The dockers industrial dispute in 2013 highlighted her wisdom, perseverance and ability to tackle hardships. Local dockers and unions were all heartbroken when they heard the sad news of her passing.

We mourn the loss of a sister, comrade and friend. Rest in peace sister Doris.

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T.T. Chung, MNOG
2 years 3 months ago

My first acquaintance with Doris was at the Hong Kong Docker Project organized by the ITF in Hong Kong, and she served as a translator on behalf of the HKFLU. At first, I thought she was just a normal university graduate but with better English. However, after several times of work contact, I realized that her knowledge and ability were outstanding and unique. This was not just my personal feeling, as the ITF representatives from London, after working with Doris in the Docker Project, also discovered that she was a talent who could play an important role in the union and believed that she could utilize her strengths in labour movement of transport workers. Therefore, Sharon James and Paula Hamilton from the ITF strongly recommended her to join the HK ITF (FOC) Campaign Office after the Hong Kong Docker Project completed.

Since Doris joined the HK ITF (FOC) Office in 2013, the Office has been with an abundance of talents, and the labour movement of transport workers in Hong Kong has got profound changes. During these busy years, she also gave assistance to MNOG, AUS, HIT and other unions in their development. She could be regarded as an elite and pillar of the unions.

In addition to her outstanding work ability, Doris had devoted herself to studying Chinese literature, Chinese calligraphy and Western painting. She had amazing knowledge and achievements in various fields.

I cannot believe that such a talented, aspiring and helpful young lady has left us. I wish you rest in peace, and you will always be missed by all of us, Doris! “

Jason Lam
2 years 3 months ago

Doris was a good union organizer and trainer. With great passion and professionalism, she loved her job, loved taking care of workers and loved her country. Doris is a REAL UNIONIST and this is a great loss to the HK unions and the ITF family.

張滿全 (Cheung Moon Chuen)
2 years 3 months ago

在國際運輸工人聯盟中,冼曉昕是一位風華正茂的青年活動家,如今突然永別,是聯盟的一大損失 !
曉昕君 ! 你踏上那無盡之路,為我們留下無盡懷念,亦為我們留下無盡激勵 ! 我們當中必有更堅強的後來人,接過你的工作,繼承你的信念 !
天若無情,你可以中止一個人的生命,卻不能消滅一個人的信念 ! 我不期然又想起臧克家的話 : 有的人活著,他已經死了;有的人死了,他還活著。
冼曉昕君 ! 你遠去那安寧的界域,是真的?卻似非真,你會常在我們身旁,心中 !
一翦梅 悼冼君

Regina (National Chinese Seamen's Union)
1 year 9 months ago

Mourning Sister Doris

We are so shocked and deeply saddened by her death. Doris is not only a member of our international friendship union, but also my best friend.
In the big family of ITF, her hard work and her contribution are obvious to all, thank Doris for the past continue to encourage and assist me.
So far, I really can't believe the passing of such an outstanding of her, I can only lament the impermanence of the world.

Sanders Chang ( National Chinese Seamen's Union )
1 year 9 months ago

We were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Sister Doris Sin. Please accept my deepest condolences to Sister Doris Sin's family, friends and colleagues.