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Forced labour in South Korea

The South Korean government is flagrantly denying workers their basic rights by issuing ‘return-to-work’ orders to truck drivers striking over ‘Safe Rates’ safety laws.

The use of ‘so-called’ emergency powers to force workers to return to work while they are exercising their fundamental right to strike constitutes forced labour under international law. The Yoon Government is violating its own laws and its commitments to international labour standards. This cannot be tolerated.

Despite risking a prison terms of up to three years, heavy fines, and the loss of their licences, strikers have vowed to ignore these orders and keep fighting.

Join us in condemning the conservative Yoon Seok-yeol Government’s illegal act of forced labour to break a legal and legitimate strike.

Oppose this draconian abuse of power and send a letter to the government now!

Learn more about the strike here and here.