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What we do

Representing road transport workers worldwide

The ITF road transport workers’ section supports its affiliated unions who are working to protect members’ conditions, pay and rights. We address the challenges they face by providing education, resources, information and collective pressure at an international level.

The members we represent

Our members work in passenger and freight transport, for both state and private companies, in formal and informal jobs. They include:

  • bus drivers
  • bus conductors and other crew
  • school bus drivers
  • truck drivers
  • taxi and minibus drivers
  • non-mobile road transport workers, such as those in warehouses and call centres
  • workshop and maintenance staff
  • informal road transport workers

What we’re fighting for

All over the world, road transport workers are experiencing the negative consequences of privatisation, deregulation and liberalisation.

  • Unions are facing new forms of employment, which casualise, outsource and transfer work offshore
  • Global operators are emerging, who give workers in the same workplace different wages and conditions
  • Many governments are mounting attacks on union rights, employment and working conditions
  • Ending exploitation and social dumping by holding economic employers accountable for their supply chains
  • Global safe rates of pay for drivers, improving safety on our roads
  • Holding multi-nationals to global standards ensuring fairness for workers across the world