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David Kris C. Treyes - 907 - Happiness in Hardship

Happiness in Hardship

On Board the Vessel (Evelyn Maaersk)
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Happiness in Hardship

This is Grace who served more than a decade of her life as a Motorman . Seafaring is widely known as a man's job and women is not likely to take up this profession. In a job that requires durability and in extreme environment. Grace always do her job professionally implementing safety first and stop work authority if required. In this picture we are working on main engine fuel pump which is located at a narrow space. It is one of the difficult job we have done that requires experience and discipline .We are amazed of her because even working on this difficult job and environment for a long time we can always see her smiling and encouraging everyone. Truly there is Happiness in Hardship if we only look passed on the difficult times and always be thankful for the opportunity given to us.

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