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ITF unions act to end ‘scourge of violence against women’

Hовости Пресс-релиз 25 Nov 2015

The International Transport Workers’ Federation and its affiliated unions are committed to ending violence against women and are using the opportunity of UN day today, 25 November, to highlight ongoing campaigns, organise education and awareness events, and to kick start new activities around stopping violence against women.

Coordinator of the ITF women transport workers' department Alison McGarry said: “Violence against women takes many forms. In Libya a union leader who fights for women’s rights and social justice was shot at and seriously injured two weeks ago. A very different form of violence is faced by women at Qatar Airways – there we have an ongoing situation of workers being subjected to intimidation and surveillance.

“As trade unions we take our responsibilities around violence against women very seriously. This is a trade union issue and you only have to look at the activities going on this week to be clear on that.”

Over the past year ITF unions have been heavily involved in progressing the campaign for an International Labour Organisation (ILO) convention on violence in the world of work with the issue set to be on the ILO agenda for discussion in 2016.


More information

For reports, individual accounts and updates on union activities for

UN day for the elimination of violence against women please visit:

Please feel free to use photographs found on the campaign page to accompany your output.

Access more information on UN day for the elimination of violence against women.






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