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Good day! A representative of the families of seafarers who have become unwitting hostages of the situation addresses you as an organization with the main goals, namely:
−promoting greater respect for trade Union rights and human rights around the world;

−working for a world based on social justice and economic progress;

−helping its member unions protect the interests of their members;

- providing General assistance to employees of the transport sector, with a request to take effective measures to the company SCF management services, because this company violates the rights of seafarers, does not organize crew changes. Seafarers are not able to write off, return home to their families, and are forced to work because their contracts have been extended for a long time. The mental state of the sailors is exhausted, morale tends to zero, and since February they have not been able to set foot on the ground and receive qualified medical care. The media reports that the governments of countries are easing restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, but in the case of SCF management services, employees are the last to be thought about, because for this company, the priority is to get excess profits. a Convincing request to assist and influence the company's policy in terms of human rights and freedoms, as well as a request to assist in compensation for working out over the norm of the contract , because the company does not compensate in any way.

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