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Capt. Jack Dotson
2 years 5 months Hace

I am working in Saudi Arabia, One of the most profitable oil supply areas in The World.
And I would like The ITF to Think about the following.
Here if we are onboard 3 to 6 in this time, we don't have shore leave , we are not allowed any type of recreation or relaxation ashore, also these are not passenger ships, they are small Vessels, and, if you are lucky you have a port hole, that cannot open.
No mobile signal no television no books unless you bring your own.
And now many of my colleges have over 9 months some over a year, under these conditions.
Please do something about this you have the power to do so, I am a Captain.
Can I work with following The International regulations , without a CoC, the answer is NO.
Then why are these Governments allowed to keep taking away our life or family or writes?

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