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Economic Employer Sub-Committee

To implement the ITF Road Transport Section strategy on Economic Employers, as adopted at the 44th ITF Congress in Singapore in 2018 the Road Section Steering committee agreed to form the Economic Employers Sub-Committee.

Further to the commitments made by the ITF Road Transport Section Steering Committee that took place in Montreal on 15 October 2019 and the subsequent ITF E-Circular No. 142/RT/2020 seeking nominations for this sub-committee, the committee is formed as per the below:

Name Union and Country
Michael Kaine TWUA, Australia
Frank Moreels BTB, Belgium
Wol-San Liem KPTU, S Korea
Matt Draper Unite, Great Britain
Anita Rosentreter First Union, New Zealand
John Mark Mwanika ATGWU, Uganda
Flemming Overgaard 3F, Denmark
Curtis Tate TWU, USA
Wilma Clement BWU, Barbados
Edwin Atema FNV, Netherlands
Tim Beaty IBT, USA

It is the purpose of the Economic Employers Sub-Committee to make recommendations to the Road Transport Section Steering Committee on how to implement the following key areas of focus in relation to economic employers:

  1. Implementation of the Safe Rates model
  2. Making economic employers responsible for their supply chain using the ITF’s due diligence model
  3. Developing a network of and training programme for Road Transport Inspectors


  • The Chair, in consultation with the Inland Transport Section Secretary, will regularly update the Road Transport Section Steering Committee on the work of the sub-committee
  • To deliver the Road Transport Section strategy on Economic Employers in retail and other supply chains;
  • To oversee the dissemination of the key strategies for road transport affiliates
  • To identify geographical and political priority areas, as well as a timeline for implementation
  • To evaluate the usefulness of the strategies to ITF affiliates.