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3 years 3 months назад

To All of those who commented here in negative thinking I only say 1 thing ! If you expect everything done for you by somebdoy else than don t complain pls! This is a real good thing the ITF is doing now , pressing port authorities, governments and owners to solve our problem. The only thing you cand do if you really want to go home is don t sign extensions and call the itf inspectors. If you are a slave and afraid than you don t have any right to complain, so shut the f*** up and wait until the companies and the governments will take pity on you and send you home ! what I know from my experience most of the masters and chief engineers are companies dogs so don t go for them for guidance, they will do and say anything to discourage you to fight for your rights, i bet my money most of them have more than 9 months on board and still going ...maybe waiting for some ratings who are really tired to complain to the authorities so they can go home also, because they will never lift a finger by themselves afraid that will never find another job!

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