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Aminah Andru
2 years 7 months назад

Anna Booth your writing is so meaningful. Your positive thinking and precaustious attitute is very important for other seafarers to adjust their frustrations about longing to go home to their love ones where nowsaday all people on earth are isolating themselves from one another. As bad as no visitors at home even from grandchildren. Can leave home for main reason that is to get food and medications. Government order all close.....shops, schools, entertainments etc...
I am a mother of a seafarer. My only son now stranded in a ship to continue working and dont know for how long more. He like other seafares normally need a brake from sea to adjust his body, mind and soul. Thank Allah he is a strong boy. His two sons and wife at home are peaceful ones. Thanks to the modern technology that we all can comunicate with each other frequently. Hope everyone in the ship and his is well. Changing crew at this crucial covid 19 period I think could be hazardous. To be safe lockdown at home is as safe as the seafarers staying in their ship with love and care to each other at this point of time. My prayers to all of you. My prayer for my son and his family always. Patience and kindness can make you win. InshaAllah. Please take good care of your health and cleanliness. Thank you for your honourable services to the mankind. May Allah bless you all.

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