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Pozhar Yurii Serhiiovych - 727 - Railway bridge in Vorokhta

Railway bridge in Vorokhta

Photo description
Railway bridge in Vorokhta. Vorokhta is one of the most picturesque towns in Ukraine. The beautiful bend of the riverbed creates a wonderful view of the railway bridge with Carpathian Mountains on the background. In the XIX century the construction of the railway turned Vorokhta from a small village, that was lost in the mountains, into a famous resort. Since then, thanks to the railway, in peacetime hundred thousand of passengers have reached the farthest corners of the Carpathians. Thanks to this the tourism industry has developed, that was an important component of the region's economy. Nowadays hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the war to these villages and towns.
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Pozhar Yurii Serhiiovych
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