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Turkish union wins important agreement with DHL Express

Hовости Пресс-релиз 24 Jan 2019

Stephen Cotton, ITF general secretary, said:

Signing the CLA today is a big achievement that Tümtis has fought hard to get. The acknowledgement of trade union rights for the workers comes on the back of a solidarity campaign supported by the ITF’s 20 million transport workers around the world. We look forward to DHL Express continuing the genuine dialogue with the union in the workplace.”

Eduardo Chagas, general secretary of the ETF, praised Turkish workers and their unions:

Workers at DHL Express Turkey have shown remarkable resolve and solidarity with their colleagues dismissed for union activity. Turkey is one of Europe’s most challenging environments for unions, and I am always so inspired by the determination and resilience of our affiliate union Tümtis. The whole ETF family is pleased that this long, brave struggle has achieved an agreement which will bring better working conditions.”

The negotiations that resulted in the (CLA) started after a Turkish court ruled in June last year that ITF affiliate Tümtis does represent workers at DHL Express.


For background to the story follow these links to the ITF website:

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