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Arvy Lapastora - 745 - Her


At sea
Photo description
In an industry dominated by men, Gabriela has not only broken every single stereotype about what women are capable of, but has also proven herself to be an inspiration to every young girl out there dreaming to know what it’s like to work as a professional at sea. Often perceived as weak or incapable, Gabriela struggled to break past bullies and gender-bias perception for years from being in maritime academy to being onboard. To be looked down upon and to be told that “you’re a woman, you can’t do it,” she defied all of that and— did it. On what seemed to have been established by our society as a weakness, now more than ever, she has found strength in. You don’t have to be a giant to be able to navigate giant ships. You don’t have to be a man to man up. She is a woman, and she is no less. All these years, she went through and is still going through tides and harsh waves that seem to push her back. However, she steadily navigates in them, leaving a wake for remaining firm on what she believes in and stands for. Her— a portrait, a story, a declaration. When the pavement has no place for you, create your own place. When the light is against you, be your own light.
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Arvy Lapastora
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