ETF discusses ways to safeguard workers’ rights in European Transport

November 17, 2011

An ETF meeting held in Brussels on 10th November, where the revision of the working time directive and the White Paper on Transport were discussed. These form the basis of negotiations between the ETUC and the European Commission.

The original draft of the White Paper on Transport contains neo-liberal proposals detrimental to workers in the sector.  The ETF is concerned at a range of proposals, such as the extension of public-private partnerships in the rail sector; users forced to pay the full cost of public services, and cabotage regulation. It also believes that European Commision’s proposal to establish minimum European service levels in the event of strikes undermines the rights of those striking in individual countries. The ETF position remains that transport  is of general economic interest and a key element in promoting social and region cohesion.  Moroever, its position on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, through the use of renewable energy and  investment in European transport infrastructure contrasts sharply with that of the European Commission.

Enrique Fosoul, FSC CCOO General Secretary, will direct the ETF working plan on employment and labour rights. The ETF also approved the Riga resolution “Enough is enough!” presented at the request of the young transport workers. This will form the basis for a campaign to be waged in favour of high-quality public services.

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