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About ITF young workers'

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Many refer to Young Workers as the future of the labour movement. At the ITF, we are also the present, here to stay, to develop the work of the ITF, and to push the labour movement forward. The ITF has a strong commitment to encourage young people to participate in our unions and in the ITF's work alike. We are a dynamic group from all over the world and from all the ITF's Sections. We bring power and energy to the Trade Union movement, and we welcome you to find out more about our work (more ...)

members of the network from india, panama and australia, during a protest in brussels

Who we are: Transport Workers Organise for the Future


Join the network: become part of something big!

members of the network from australia, outside the european commission

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for the latest news and updates from the network.

members of the network, at the

Other Useful Stuff:
trade union resources, brochures, etc.

(photos: Large image: Participants at the Young Transport Workers Conference in Mexico. Small images, left to right: 1. members of the network from India, Panama and Australia, during a protest in Brussels. 2. The "Brussels Declaration". 3. Members of the network from Australia, outside the European Commission. 4. Members of the Network at the "World Day for Decent Work".)


News online

14 Nov 2013
Transport unions call for new thinking from international labour movement
A first-of-its-kind supply chain and logistics symposium closed thisweek at the ITF’s London headquarters with a strong call for new thinking from the global labour movement and a focus on the ‘real employer’. Delegates organising in strategic...

28 Jun 2013
Commitment to youth participation marks end of ITF summer school
The ITF summer school for young activists, which started on Monday 24 June, ends today in the USA. The week-long event provides an opportunity for young activists to get together, network, and develop skills in international campaigns and...


Press releases

19 Sep 2012
Youth conference builds union power for future
A special ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) conference exclusively for young transport workers is expected to close later today in Montreal, Canada, with plans for union action on the economy, environment, precarious (insecure, part...

16 Apr 2009
ITF and INTERTANKO positive on young seafarers' workshop
JOINT PRESS RELEASE The ITF and INTERTANKO have welcomed the very positive results of the young seafarers' workshop held in London on 5-8 April, and have issued a joint statement marking the occasion (attached). The twenty participants from...


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Copyright © 2012 ITF
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