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13 Nov 2012
Maldives port workers solidarity


12 April 2013: ITF dockers' section writes to new MPL CEO calling for an end to the dispute >>

21 February 2013: 'Stop the abuse of Maldives port workers' - Film released featuring MPWU president Ibrahim Khaleel >>

Dock workers represented by ITF-affiliated Maldives Port Workers’ Union (MPWU) are facing an attack on their fundamental rights to organise a trade union and to freedom of association.

The ITF general secretary has written twice to the president of the Republic of the Maldives calling for him to intervene in the dispute which is between the MPWU and Maldives Port Ltd (MPL), a 100% government owned company. The gs has received no response.

The MPWU needs your help now to put pressure on the president to bring about negotiation which addresses the legitimate concerns of the union.

Here’s what you can do right now:

Send a letter of protest to the Office of the President of the Maldives – use this letter template or write your own text

Send a letter of solidarity to the Maldives Port Workers’ Union

Tweet a message of protest to the President of the Maldives @DrWaheedH and use the hashtag #maldivesabuse

Spread the word about this campaign via facebook and your own networks

Take Action: Send a Protest Letter

Take Action: Send a Solidarity Email


Solidarity with Maldives port workers

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*MPWU members fighting trade union rights
*MPWU members are fighting for their trade union rights


November 2012: ITF launches solidarity campaign calling on dockers’ affiliates to send letters of protest to the President of the Maldives. Get more on this >>

October 2012: ITF again writes to President Waheed calling for action over the ‘dire’ situation facing MPWU members.

October 2012: ITF Asia Pacific regional secretary Mahendra Sharma writes to the chair of MPL and receives a response regarding what the company calls a representative union in the port. The ITF identifies this as a 'yellow' union.

September 2012: ITF general secretary David Cockcroft writes to President Mohamed Waheed Hassan of the Republic of the Maldives calling for him to instruct the Chairman and management of MPL to end victimisation of MPWU members and enter into negotiation. No response from the Office of the President.

August 2012: Senior officials from the International Labour Office in Geneva write to President of the Maldives over the dismissal of MPL workers.

April 2012: Seven staff members at MPL are suspended from their jobs reportedly for participating in protests held by ousted Maldivian Democratic Party’s anti government protests. MPWU president Ibrahim Khaleel is amongst those dismissed.

March 2012: MPWU members report abuse at the hands of MPL management which amounts to an anti union campaign.

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