ITF -KPI – NSU Cruise Seminar

May 9, 2011

Roy is at Sanur Beach Hotel Bali attending the KPI-NSU-ITF seminar for cruise liner crew who sail on Norwegian flag vessels.  Over 50 delegates are attending the five day seminar to discuss and share their concerns about their employment on board.  Representative from all the trade union organisations Kesatuan Pelaut Indonesia KPI, Norwegian Seafarers’ Union NSU and the ITF are present.

The first day of the seminar discussed the issue of women on board ships and how to deal with matters such as sexual harassment, discrimination on women and gender equality. The next programme is divided into ‘Basic’ and ‘Advance’ seminars, emphasizing about the world labor organization and regulation of seafarers’ (International Labor Organization and the International Maritime Organization), role of union, Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), and health information, especially HIV / AIDS.

The participants are crew members of 4 cruise ship companies. Seafarers’ wives and children are also involved in the activities. And it has been started since 2003. This year seminar is led by presenters Jacqueline Smith (NSU), Nina Espeli Allen (NSU), Johan N Oyen (NSU), Kurt Inge Angel (NSU), Anita Furuvic (NSU), Steve Trowsdale (ITF), Francesco Di Fiore (ITF), John Wood (ITF Inspector), Juan Villalon Jones (ITF Inspector), Hanafi Rustandi (KPI), Dewa Budiasa (KPI), Rigoberto Monteiro (National Labour Board KSTL/Timor Leste), Paulino Da Costa (National Labour Board KSTL/Timor Leste) and Bjorn Bjornes (NCL),  

As the seminars is addressed by these international speakers it is a great oppertunity for local seafarers to get the correct information, especially about their rights. Many seafarers have benefitted from these seminars, one of them has been working for 6 years in a cruise lines, and was not aware about the CBA, now he is not only getting the useful information but also strengthening the relationship between the seafarers and their families as well as other seafarers’ families who have attended the seminar.  

President of the KPI Hanafi Rustandi welcomed delegates to the meeting explaining that it was important that the union members realise the benefits of being a union member.  Budi Dewa secretary of the Bali branch reminded members that solidarity was forever and thats what made Unions strong.

Anita, Nina, and Johan from NSU reminded members what the union was doing on their behalf with the Norwegian Cruise Ship owners and Nina explained to the members the facilities and services of the Seafarers Centre in San Juan Port which the Trust recently supported with a small renovation grant.

Delegates wearing their Conference polo shirts listen to a presentation on the KPI

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  1. Ayu Ambawati says:

    To be a part of the seminar, is a great things to do while you are on vacation, guys… those who working on the cruise line, any company, any position, come to the seminar, learn your right, protect yourself. KPI-NSU-ITF CRUISE SEMINAR is the best for the seafarer’s..

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