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ITF Rail Union Reports

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Click to view issues of ITF Rail Union Reports online.

Select previous issues using the links on the right-hand menu.  The reports are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Japanese
and Portuguese.

Copies of the railway information sheets distributed by the Railway Workers' Section in 1999/2000 can be downloaded by clicking on the "archive" link on the right-hand menu.

Number 13 - March 2012

The national strike of Bulgarian Railway Workers
Balgarski Darzhavni Zheleznitsi (BDZ) (Bulgarian State Railways)

Number 12 - May 2011

BTS campaign for union rights and modern public services in Turkey
Birleşik Taşimacilik Çalişanlari Sendikasi (BTS) (United Trade Union of Transport Employees)

Number 11 - December 2009

The impact of the worldwide recession on freight rail in South Africa and SATAWU's response
(South African Transport & Allied Workers' Union)

Number 10 - November-December 2008

Restructuring of the railway industry in Pakistan - Preparing unions to influence the process
(Railway Workers' Union - Open Lines)

Number 9 - October 2008

Croatia Railways' restructuring
(Railway Workers' Trade Union of Croatia)

Number 8 - September 2008

Rail re-nationalisation in New Zealand
(Rail & Maritime Transport Union (RMTU), New Zealand)

Number 7 - August 2008

Rail restructuring in Australia
(Australian Rail Tram & Bus Industry Union)

Number 6 - July 2008

The restructuring and privatisation of the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ)
(Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railway Workers Union - ZARWU)

Number 5 - June 2008

Challenging Change in Indian Railways
(South Central Railway Employees Sangh - SCRESANGH, India)

Number 4 - May 2008

Organising for our Rights
(The State Railway Workers' Union of Thailand - SRUT)

Number 3 - April 2008

Privatisation of KTM (Malaysian Railway)
(The Railwaymen's Union of Malaya - RUM)

Number 2 - March 2008

Privatisation of the Uganda and Kenya railways corporations
(Uganda Railway Workers' Union)

Number 1 - February 2008

Regulate the deregulation: rail traffic in Sweden
(SEKO, Sweden)

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Copyright © 2012 ITF
ITF House, 49-60 Borough Road, London SE1 1DR  |  +44 20 7403 2733   |  mail@itf.org.uk