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World Aids Day 2015

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Let’s get to zero infection

  • Sobre a campanha

    We supported World AIDS Day again for 2015. Hundreds of our affiliates around the world marked the day with activities including voluntary counselling and testing events, and prevention education.

    Here is an album of photos from the day.

    For the first time the AMOSUP hospital in Cebu, Philippines, introduced voluntary counselling and testing for pregnant women to tackle mother to child transmission.

    Another AMOSUP hospital organised discussion sessions, video screenings and distribution of condoms.

    The Indonesian railway workers' union organised a rally, discussion sessions and met with management to consider a bigger HIV prevention programme for railway workers and their families.

    In Togo, the ITF coordination committee organised a talkshow involving HIV positive workers, and a voluntary counselling and testing campaign.

    In Puerto Rico, the seafarers' centre distributed education materials and condoms among seafarers on cruise ships.

    Tell us what your union did. Contact Dr Syed Asif Altaf, ITF HIV/AIDS co-ordinator:

    The ITF has published a press release about the day.

    New ITF HIV/AIDS Seafarers wellbeing survey report

    Have you got the new HIV/AIDS seafarers survey report from the ITF? A new and comprehensive survey by the ITF has shown the need for continuing work to address HIV/AIDS and wellbeing among seafarers.

    Download the survey report here >>

    Also, download the Women Seafarers’ health and welfare survey report here >>

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