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Justice for dock workers!

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Dock workers in Madagascar are fighting for their rights. Will you stand with them?

  • Sobre a campanha

    Madagascan dock workers are some of the lowest paid in the world. Some earn less than US$40 per month. Workers struggle to support themselves and their families despite long hours doing difficult, dangerous work.

    When they came together to fight for an end to precarious, low-paid and unsafe working conditions - they were sacked.

    Now they are fighting back, and asking you to stand with them.

    Sackings, intimidation and precarious work at the ICTSI Port of Toamasina
    43 dock workers were sacked for fighting for better wages and against dangerous conditions. After joining their union, they faced intimidation and retaliation from management  – who gave them two options: leave the union or lose their jobs. The workers refused and were sacked, contravening their rights to freedom of association. None of the 43 workers have been reinstated. Most are struggling to survive.

    The Government of Madagascar must enforce its local labour laws
    This will ensure that workers are reinstated immediately, and that their union is allowed to organise and support workers in their fight to improve working conditions.

    How you can help support Madagascan workers?

    1. Email the Madagascan Government
    Click here to send a letter to the Madagascan Government, telling them to stand up for workers’ rights now. Your voice in this campaign matters.

    2. Help us get the word out
    Share the story on social media and help draw the world’s attention to the campaign. Download and share infographics and flyers from the campaign materials, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #justice4dockworkers. Stay up to date at the ITF Asia/Pacific Campaigns Facebook page and on Twitter at @ITFAPAC.

    3. Learn more
    Click here to read the report, Poverty and intimidation at the gateway to Madagascar, to understand more about the precarious work, injuries and sacking at the Port of Toamasina, Madagascar.

    4. Sign up to the solidarity network
    Receive updates on this campaign and others. Sign up now.

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