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Dia Internacional da Mulher 2016 – 8 Março

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Compartilhe as histórias de sucesso de seu sindicato neste Dia Internacional da Mulher a fim de informar, inspirar e dar apoio!

  • Sobre a campanha

    International Women’s Day is recognised, celebrated and supported by thousands of organisations and individuals across the world. For the ITF family it is about helping to secure rights for women, and raise their visibility and participation in the union movement and the transport industry.

    It’s an opportunity for unions all over the world - men and women - to stand together and shine a light on the issues facing women transport workers in every sector and the action being taken to fight for justice and equality.

    This year the 8 March focus for the ITF is your stories. To promote your work, inspire and provide valuable support for other unions please share your stories of winning on workplace issues for women transport workers, improving gender balance in the workplace or increasing the role of women in union leadership and industrial disputes.

    Use text reports, pictures and film clips to tell your story and share it with the ITF in the run up to 8 March in the following ways:

    • Fill in this short survey. The results will be used to help develop resources to support unions in their work in relation to women transport workers.
    • Use the ‘post your comment’ tab on the right of this page
    • Email women@itf.org.uk
    • Share with or post to Facebook.com/itfglobal @ITFglobal or tag us on twitter @itfglobalunion using the hashtags #IWD #ITFwomen

    Look out for your story on 8 March when the ITF will be promoting the work of unions all over the world on social media and on the timeline of these campaign pages.

    Aviation unions, why not take action to support cabin crew - largely women - at Qatar Airways who face intimidation and surveillance as part of their daily working lives. Transport workers have been showing their solidarity and you can do the same – see pictures below and contact the ITF civil aviation team for more information on how you can get involved: aviation@itf.org.uk

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    Here’s some of the action from 2015 when transport unions around the world used 8 March to show their solidarity with sacked trade unionist Jimena Lopez.

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