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German postal workers and their families deserve RESPECT

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Solidarity with DP-DHL postal workers - 'No!' to the race to the bottom in Germany.

  • Sobre a campanha

    Deutsche Post -DHL is forcing postal workers in Germany to accept up to a 30% pay cut and physical segregation from their co-workers who have decent working conditions.

    The German global delivery multinational has targeted the most vulnerable of workers, those on short-term contracts. They have been promised full-time, permanent and secure employment if they accept a new agreement with “DHL Delivery’. They have been threatened with non-renewal of their contracts should they refuse to move.

    DP-DHL is circumventing the existing strong workplace agreement with Ver.di – the postal workers union –  and replacing it with much lower “race to the bottom” conditions via ‘DHL Delivery’, its newly created subsidiary.

    We have been informed that the reality for the postal workers that have moved to “DHL delivery” is grim;

    • They have been forced to work more for less.
    • They can’t make up their lower pay as overtime is now more difficult to access.
    • They are segregated from workers that benefit from conditions under the strong Ver.di agreement.
    • The two sets of workers are forbidden from helping each other.

    The postal workers fight back has been ongoing and has involved mass mobilisation with rolling strikes that commenced at the start of the year. Their union says

    "Business figures show the company is doing well. At the same time they want to grab from workers. We expect the company to produce a decent offer at the bargaining table soonest. " Andrea Kocsis, Ver.di Vice President

    Support from the global union family is needed now more than ever as actions intensify and talks fail once more. We call on you to join the fightback. See 1 Take action now above and back 140,000 postal workers in Germany and their families. See 2 to share this page online. Tag @DeutschePostDHL and @_Verdi use #verappeln

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