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End violence against women UN day 2016

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Violence against women - whether it's physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse, in the home, in the workplace or the community - is a trade union issue. Every year the United Nations (UN) Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women offers us all a mobilising tool to fight the problem with.

  • Sobre a campanha

    This year we have even more chance to make a difference. That's because trade unions, led by the ITUC, have been campainging for an International Labour Organization (ILO) convention on gender-based violence at work.

    Two years ago we encouraged affiliates to join the ITUC campaign and lobby for a convention. Your support has helped deliver progress and the issue is now firmly on the ILO agenda - so firmly that this year we have a particular chance to really take it forward, by making our case directly to the ILO meeting of experts taking place in Geneva 3-6 October 2016. The ITF will be represented at the meeting alongside representatives from other global trade union federations, the ITUC and national centres, governments and employer bodies. 

    Unions are taking a collective, strategic response to the problem of VAW, and we need you to get involved. Following the meeting the first draft of the proposed convention and recommendation will be drafted for discussion at the International Labour Conference in 2018.  Anything that you can do and share with us to help build a strong case and help us spread the word ahead of the meeting will make a difference to how strong that proposal is.

    Want to know more? Then listen here (English only) to Chidi King, ITUC equality director, as she explains why we need an ILO convention and how we can all play our part in making it a reality.  

    You can also watch the short video below where Chidi King tells an ITF action forum in May about the risks women transport workers face and what we can all do leading up to the meeting of experts in October. She highlights the importance of the tripartite meeting as it will decide whether or not we will end up with a binding instrument, what that instrument will look like and what measure it will require governments to take to address this fundamental issue. Chidi presses the importance of getting stories into the room in the October meeting to really show the ILO governing body what violence against women transport workers looks like, how it impacts women at work and at home and the issues we want governments and employers to address.

    So watch the video and get inspired about the action you can take within this short and valuable window leading to October.

    Find out more about the campaign which is now in its seventeenth year.

    We have to take action to end violence against women now. There are four things you can do to back November 25 and be part of the union response to violence against women:

    1. Help us build a strong case

    Read here a fact sheet on a range of simple and comprehensive things you and your union can do.  Many of them would take only a couple of minutes and every union that shares information with the ITF will help to strengthen the voice of women transport workers within the workers representative group at the ILO.  Hostile employer bodies and governments will be preparing hard to undermine our argument so let’s work together to build a strong case.

    2. Take a look at the blog

    We have an ITF blog on ending violence against women transport workers here that contains a wealth of information about the issues, education materials, video clips and much more.  The blog was created around the ITF action forum that took place in May 2016 involving 72 participants from 36 countries.  Take a look to see why we’ve already had 4058 views spanning 62 countries! 

    3. Download the take action toolkit

    On the 25th of November we’ll be launching the ITF End Violence Against Women Transport Workers ‘Take Action Toolkit’, which will be available to all affiliates as a practical support tool to help with organising, bargaining and campaigning. There will be something useful for everyone who wants to expand or kick start their union action on ending violence against women transport workers. 

    4. Help us get the word out

    Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and the #ITFWomen hashtag, for sharable content to support our campaign for an ILO convention. 

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