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2015 Beirut port at a standstill
Credit: Assadir news, Lebanon

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Beirut port at a standstill

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Stop dumping waste. Health & safety now!

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    Work in the port of Beirut stopped on 13 August as workers staged a cautionary strike over serious health and safety concerns following the dumping of rubbish near the port.

    “We will not accept our port becoming the capital’s dumping ground. The health of all who enter the port is at risk, workers, visitors and customers. We want the port authorities to talk to the union; we want to avoid further escalation to open-ended strike.” said Bchara Asmar, president of the Union of Beirut port employees.

    Bchara Al AsmarBchara Asmar

    Rubbish collection in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, halted in July following commercial dispute between Sukleen and the government which raised people’s concerns on health and safety.

    The union reports that the Lebanese government has not provided a viable long-term waste management solutions to date and the municipalities have resorted to temporary solutions. 

    This potential environmental crisis affects the general public in Beirut and Mount Lebanon. Reports state some 20 tons of rubbish have been dumped in the streets in the searing heat.

    Show solidarity with workers in Lebanon.

    Send a protest letter now. Tell the government to safeguard the health of all and find a solution.

    Leave a solidarity message for the workers on this page under comments.

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