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Joint ITF-UNI release: As German TV reveals abuses, global unions challenge DHL to act

17 January 2013

Following a German TV report on Deutsche Post DHL’s treatment of its international workforce, the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and UNI global union have called on the company to clean up its act. The multinational logistics giant’s behavior was questioned on Tuesday night by German national broadcaster ARD TV Das Erste’s respected Report programme, which highlighted the long running struggle for union rights in the company.

The report can be seen with English subtitles here and in the original German here.

The programme dealt with serious allegations that Deutsche Post DHL is violating the rights of its workers outside Germany. Turkey, where it is alleged that DHL may be actually breaking national law, was particularly mentioned.
Ingo Marowsky, ITF global head – supply chain and logistics, commented: “This programme was another nail in the coffin of DHL’s pretence that all is well with its operations in Turkey, where we have repeatedly proved to them that workers are suffering for choosing to join a trade union.”

Alan Tate, UNI campaigns director, said: “DHL’s repeated excuses have worn paper thin. It simply cannot go on denying the truth. The fact is that some of its operations worldwide have and are committing grave abuses of workers’ rights. That is why we are taking our complaints right to the OECD and the German government.”

UNI and the ITF have long campaigned to hold DHL to its promises of fair treatment for all its workers. To find out more please see www.respectatdhlturkey.org.


For more details please contact:

Sam Dawson, ITF press officer. Tel: +44 (0)20 7940 9260. Email: dawson_sam@itf.org.uk

Richard Elliott, UNI Global Union Director of Communications
Tel:  +41 22 365 21 30. Email

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