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Global Delivery
  • Transport unionists holding demo in UPS Hong Kong
  • TUMTIS president discussing dismissed UPS workers
  • Teamster picket of UPS in the US
  • NUSI delegation at the UPS office in Mumbai
  • Group shot of Victoria TNT Workers
  • Memphis Workers in Front of FedEx Hangar
  • Unionists demonstrating outside UPS in Deigem
  • NUSI delegation outside UPS Mumbai
  • Durmus Goller
  • Ged Kearney speaks to the TNT workers
  • TNT employees take action with Tony Shledon
  • FedEx Workers
  • FedEx Workers distributing leaflets
  • UPS Teamsters distributing leaflets in Baltimore
  • FedEx Workers in Los Angeles
  • FedEx Workers in Memphis
  • UPS Teamsters leafleting in Baltimore

Global Delivery

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ITF unions representing workers from the global delivery multinationals are working together to fight for rights and standards for all workers – regardless of country or employment status. They are doing this by connecting activists along company lines – join the global delivery network here. Keep informed read the global delivery briefings and receive global delivery news. Be part of it! Click on your company blog below to get informed – and get active. Work for a global delivery company not featured below? Contact us at organising@itf.org.uk.

This work is coordinated by the ITF in co-operation with UNI global union.


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Global Delivery Resources
Download our regular Global Delivery Briefing for the latest network news and the campaign leaflet Global Delivery: Better in Union Hands – both are available in English and various languages. Also, be sure to view the new Global Delivery film of the same title here.


Latest News

19 September 2014 DHL Delhi workers hold day of action against harassment
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News online

19 Sep 2014
DHL Delhi workers hold day of action against harassment
Members of the DHL Employees Union in Delhi and their families are staging a family dharna (sit in) on 21 September, to protest against reported harassment and victimisation by the company. The union claims that DHL (a division of Deutsche Post)...

23 May 2014
ITF delivers “together we’re stronger” message to world union leaders
The ITF shared the lessons of the DHL campaign at the ITUC (International Trade Union Confederation) congress in Berlin, Germany this week – and took away lessons from the world’s trade unions. Acting general secretary Steve Cotton told the 1,500...


Press releases

16 Aug 2014
ITF congress backs Colombian DHL campaign
The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) congress in Sofia, Bulgaria, has agreed to support Colombian union SNTT and its leader José Ignacio Garzón in their fight with a subsidiary of German multi-national logistics company...

23 Apr 2014
Turkish union secures DHL bargaining deal
The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and UNI Global Union today congratulated Turkey’s TUMTIS union, which has secured a nationwide collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with logistics giant DHL. The agreement will provide 2,200...


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