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Odd Ric

12 Days Ago
Hello sirs and ma'ams from ITF. I am a 2nd Officer currently work here onboard a Greek Flag vessel. Less than 48 hours ago, my captain, drunk, charged unto the bridge and demanded we resign from the ship with no justifiable cause. I politely said no because that wasn't reasonable and forced resignation is against my rights. This enraged my drunk captain and demanded i leave my post on the bridge (my duty is 2000~2400LT). I politely refused to do so because he is udner the influence of the alcohol, in addition to the lack of reason behind it. He yelled at me and demanded i fear his rank because he is the "Law" onboard according to him. I said no then he pushed me back (He is around 6ft tall, im just 5.5ft) i hit the counter here on the briodge and then he proceeded to choke me with both hands. The Duty AB on the helm left his post to pull back the captain. Correct me of im wrong, but doesn't that action constitute attempted murder? Aggravated assault in addition. I will be calling ITF London today or tomorrow because i need to know whats gonna happen to me. Will i be compensated
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14 Days Ago
Hello sir! I am working on board vessel Jahan Brothers, Imo no:907226,call sign: S2SA, owned by Brave Royal Ship management bd ltd. We had our crane wire stolen from campha, now company is blamig us and deducted $9600 from ship's crew including Master, Ch off, 2nd off, 3rd officer and AB. Is there anything you could do. They took our hard earned money. Thank you and looking forward to your response
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Yasri Ibrahim

16 Days Ago
I am one of the crew in the vessel MV. Tredecin in Japan, i start work here 22 December 2017 until now. From the first im join here im never receive salary from the ship owner become 5 monts, i get USD 1.000 per mounts in the contract but the ship owner never send the salary. I already report it in the ITF suport in japan Mr. FUSAO OHORI, But he can not help. I hope the ITF in our country can help me and our seafarer. Because we hope the help for get a salary and going back in the our countri in indonesia. Thanks for
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17 Days Ago
I am chief engineer on boat MV. ZAIN an IMO no. 8303769 flag : UAE. I had problem with my salary my good company not yet pay to salary, my contract was completed, they give me onli cash advace, the company will pay my salary if sign off, so many times to ask about my releive and salary they answer We are arranging your reliever and salary as informed earlier.. will update ...and also they answer Chief if you signing off without salary we can do it right away but if you required a salary we can sign you off only in Iran next month. Please advice. My vessel charter with IOOC in iran.
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Louie Cababan

24 Days Ago
Im oiler Cababan Louie currently onboard Msc Beijing with an IMO no. 9289099..I had a problem with my Russian chief engineer..He told me some abusive words during the meeting in engine control room after he red the request letter from engine crew member..3rd engr, engine ftr and of now i did not carry out my duty and stay in my cabin to be in safe side not to accuse for some sabotage in engine room operation..pls help me to address my problem and talk to one of your inspector here in capetown once we alongside this 3rd or 4th of May
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25 Days Ago
I have problem with my salary my good company to give me only cash advance. My contract wil close on 5 may 2018. Did not to pay my salary.
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Nyi Nyi Soe

26 Days Ago
ITF is very good . Thank you.
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Anuj Mudgil

32 Days Ago
If I report about senior officer and will some action will be take. Will the ITF inspector who visit the ship will reveal my name, as I’m afraid for future career opportunities. Currently at Ireland, Aughinish at anchorage
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