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B balamurugan

12 Days Ago
Itf is a good organization..itf helps in many such way for all mariners
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16 Days Ago
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bern carpio

21 Days Ago
Total Crew Cost, a 100,000 gross tonnage container ship, is this ship need to reduce crew say 3 ab and 2 os, what is the guide line or limit in a gross tonnage to consider the ship is qualified for cutting the crew member. 50,000 to 100,000?
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Capt Prashant Vats

30 Days Ago
I am writing this letter after much of deliberation with the ship owner & the crewing agency in clearing my outstanding wages, which they have clearly dishonoured to pay after such a long time. I have sent a detailed email to you at & Appreciate your assistance in helping me recover my outstanding wages.
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Noel C. Santos

33 Days Ago
I am Capt. Noel C. Santos , employed by Marlow Navigation Philippines.I suffered heart attacked on board. Then company sent me back to Philippines. Then I have undergone a Open Heart Surgery / By pass operation. 4 coronary veins was replaced. Marlow gave me 130 days sick leave allowance with cba rate because my contract is itf ibf. But for benefit compensation they said I was not covered. They are only giving me the POEA benefit with grade 7. Please help.
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Diodado Adidor

43 Days Ago
Im Ab Adidor,onboard a vessel Mv X-Pres Meghna, the owner is Marine Solutionz, and Agency in the Philippines is Seacrest Maritime managament,..we have problem here onboard not paying overtime, we are exceed too.much ot hours, only garanteed 103 hours, but it is over exceed because we are alwys work in 12 hours watch. Please help us. Our route is only Colombo to Kolkata India,.
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Uttam singh

49 Days Ago
Company not paying my wages need help
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Ebolo Victor osolase

102 Days Ago
please I need a job ,as an engine cadet.
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107 Days Ago
Crew on Ywam Liberty in Port Moresby, New Guinea is left without electricity, water, hot food, toilets etc.
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fidel duque

184 Days Ago
good day sir/madam , we are onboard mv oluja since nov.2016 our manning agent philippines jebsens maritime corp under UMMS principal .we request a vacation letter tour office and they send us back a extension letter .we want to go bck home sir pls help us. we have also a problem here hence our contract expired 02 aug 2017 and e came from US ports camden philadelphia problem #1not paying overtime hrs , our contract is guaranteed OT 85 hrs n we are exceeding #2water discipline 4 month already water open 7-8am only #3 did not pay cargo hold cleaning from netherlands to turkey #4 not functioning bilge pump cargo hold n we are using welden pump each hold to pump out water its very hard job for us #5 this ship is 22 yrs old unsafe ship already n we have a block out wd river pilot onboard in the US pls.. help us here sir/ madam .we stay here pisco peru 8 days n loading again callao pero
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