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Ganesh Maurya

39 Days Ago
I Am sailings as ETO onboard MThigh navigator ,will reach nNew York on 15th of November, I hv completed my 6 month contract, not getting sign off.. Please help
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Thomas Cahusac

70 Days Ago
Please advise how we can report unpaid salaries for part time workers on a vessel in MMH Shipyard in Malta.
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Ferdinand Mandawe

71 Days Ago
Good day, I am onboard charter yacht Sanssouci Star. I signed my POEA Philippine contract for 12 months. Just asking if it is reasonable to disembark after 6 or 7 months since the yacht is not sailing? Please let me hear your side. God bless
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boy saputra

78 Days Ago
dear team. im from Indonesia, i have problem with company here, Suriname Coast trader. dont want to cut my sallary just because I can't do good work. i also rarely to have breakfast, and dinner. please contact me. i will tell the detail chronologically.
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Chad Whitmill

97 Days Ago
Good day. I am in the MMH Shipyard in Malta on a Yacht. I will be leaving the vessel on the 17th September 2018 and due to past delayed salary payments have a feeling that I wont be paid the money that's owed to me before leaving. What legal action can I take to ensure that I receive what is owed to me before disembarking the vessel? Unfortunately Captain can not be trusted and has deliberately made life onboard difficult.
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Emmil villar

108 Days Ago
I am onboard lpg symi anchored on braefoot bay, uk im having traumatic experienced due to masters inhumane treatment he curse, yelled at crew always i just wanted to go home my contract hasn't been finished yet but still i want to go because i cannot withstand the trauma and everyday is like hell to me.
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cscl houston

123 Days Ago
Good day our dearest ITF staff! please help us.. We did not recieved our reefer bonus for more than a year now.. Our vessel name is CSCL HOUSTON, IMO NO. 9400825 , FLAG: PANAMA, CALLSIGN:3ETA4
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Anant Kumar Dubey

141 Days Ago
My name Anant Kumar Dubey I Safarer I request for you give me itf membership
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160 Days Ago
I am chief engineer on boat MV. ZAIN an IMO no. 8303769 flag : UAE. I had problem with my salary my good company not yet pay to salary, my contract was completed, in this time my leg injury the company do not care, the say my passport was expired, 3 months before already inform to office until now no action. I need go to hospital my leg injury become 7 days. In innerport hamriyah sharja.
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crew crude centurion

161 Days Ago
please help filipino seafarer over contract want to go home always cancel over stay. eta burgas bulgaria 05july2018 2300h
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