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Truck and taxi drivers are at the heart of trade in Palestine. All goods and people that come in and out of the West Bank have to travel by road because it is cut off from the sea and has no air services. Road transport workers are subject to constant and unpredictable Israeli road checks and barriers.

The ITF solidarity fund has been set up to finance projects that help workers facing these difficult daily conditions. Projects like these: 

ITF truck drivers assistance project: Goods moving between Israel and Palestine have to be switched between trucks because Palestinian drivers aren’t allowed to cross the border. This happens in a small number of ‘back to back’ truck terminals and amounts to hours and hours of waiting with no facilities for Palestinian drivers. 

Your donation will pay for a canteen, toilets, parking, shade, shelter and union facilities for Palestinian truck drivers using the back to back terminals. 

Young taxi and minibus workers – training for organisers: Taxis and minibuses are the basic means of public transport in the West Bank. The General Union of Transport Workers in Palestine organises taxi drivers in several major cities already and plans to expand its reach much further.

Your donation will pay to train and develop 50 young taxi and minibus workers as key activists and organisers.

Help us hit our target of raising USD100,000 in two years to fund these two crucial projects. 

Make a donation: Donate as an individual, through your local union branch or via your national office. Use the bank details below and mark your transaction with the reference ‘Palestine solidarity’. 


Account no: 68619219 

Sort code: 40-05-15 

Swift Code: MIDLGB22 

IBAN No: GB98 MIDL 4005 1568 6192 19 


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concern crew

451 Days Ago
good day sr/madam..i am one of the crew member in star princess.just to concern for our colleuge here onboard.that our f&b director start to do cavin search coz they found out some of the crew member having bussines onboard..its ok coz they are violating company policy..but one thing i was concern is those people they been caught just in camera coming to cambusa and forces them to sign that they do the bussiness..every port they are sending crew member...most of the crew was in trauma now.pls help us here what was the right of some crew members..this coming 25 of oct we are in LA..some crew they just find 2 eggs and they sent home the nxt port some crew just join..pls help us for their right..they have family also.And if you have break from 7:30 to 8pm nothing to eat in our mess you gonna cry coz your hungry..since our maestro came roy kelly.thats is always the system...were are working hard for them but they dont feed us nicely..thank you soo much hope you here us and come onboard to ask what the crew members feeling...
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