International drivers

Meeting global challenges with global organising

Whether an employee, an owner-driver or self employed, international drivers face considerable challenges.

With long periods away from home and a lack of regulated working conditions, they experience the same issues all over the world, including:

  • a lack of adequate rest facilities
  • no insurance cover
  • long border delays
  • threats to their cargo or vehicle
  • the corruption of law enforcement agencies
  • high fuel prices
  • poor road conditions
  • long working hours
  • precarious jobs
  • a lack of social security
  • ill-treatment and harassment

Combined, these issues often lead to stress and chronic fatigue.

Because of the international aspect of their work, drivers are difficult to organise. Consequently, they’re missing out on union representation, which would help improve working conditions and defend their rights.

Organising projects to help drivers

The ITF has responded to the issue with a series of education projects, including initiatives in Africa with SASK and FNV. Our aim is to strengthen union organising and bargaining along the main transport corridors in these regions.

How you can help road transport workers

We need cross-border co-operation between unions. Creating a strategy for change will require more global initiatives and lots of campaigning.

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