Railway privatisation

Protecting railway workers’ jobs

We want railways to return to public ownership. Neo-liberal policies and privatisation have seriously hit railway workers and their trade unions around the world.

These policies have reduced the number of rail networks and created a shift towards casual workers. They have also resulted in:

  • a decline in safety
  • job losses
  • the closure of unprofitable lines
  • an increase in sub-contracting within the railway sector

Around the world, institutions such as the World Bank are enforcing privatisation. In Europe, the ETF and its unions are campaigning against the European Union’s 4th railway package, using international influence to lobby for Europe’s railways and train services to remain intact.

Find out more about the ETF 4th railway package campaign

Unions must take the lead in promoting alternatives to privatisation. We must:

  • stand in solidarity with each other
  • share information and experiences using the internet and social media, such as the ITF Rail Update Facebook page
  • share campaign, industry and safety updates

How unions are fighting back in Korea The ITF is standing with Korean strikers and supporting their right to strike and campaign against privatisation. Have you shared details of this campaign with your members?

Read more about the railway workers’ campaign in Korea.

For case studies and details of union campaigns against privatisation, take a look at our railway reports archive

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