MRT 2016
You can follow what is happening at MRT 2016 even if you are not coming

Maritime Roundtable 2016: The future of maritime activism

The Maritime Roundtable (MRT) 2016 will take place in Montreal, Canada 20-23 September 2016.

MRT 2016 is about providing activists and future leaders with the chance to:

  • input fresh ideas and contribute to shaping the future of ITF maritime campaigns.
  • learn how to increase union power and strengthen their unions.
  • learn more about the ITF, the flags of convenience (FOC) campaign and dockers’ campaigns
  • build links and share knowledge and experiences with other maritime unions from around the world.

A participant from MRT 2012 in Casablanca said:
“It was a very positive event and are we planning to stay in contact with fellow participants from other countries. This was the start of involvement in the ITF for me. It is like a new family to work with in the future! We have not been involved in the FOC Campaign so far, but that's about to change.”

Applications are now closed.

If you have a place you will have received an email and been given a link to the MRT 2016 event app. Use it to get all the information you need on how to prepare for the event.

Also, use the ITF website to find out about existing campaigns and resources for dockers and seafarers.

Even if you won’t be there you can still be part of MRT 2016. Follow what’s happening on ITF social media channels:

Look out for content from your union, country or region and like, comment and share.

Find resources to support your maritime campaigning here.

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What you do is nothing short of Great!
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