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Global Network Terminals (GNTs) have a massive worldwide presence, operating in more than 50% of the worlds’ ports. These companies are focused on upping their share of the global market, and their success could be coming at your expense.

The big four GNTS – APMT, DPW, HPH and PSA – now control more than half of the ports and terminals on the planet but trade unions are recognised in less than half of those.

Trade unions are the key to building and protecting workers’ rights. Some of the terminals run by the major companies have acceptable working conditions, in others, dockers are forced to work long hours without breaks, have no access to trade union representation and are excluded from reliable employment. That isn’t fair.

The GNT campaign aims to agree a set of minimum standards that can be applied to all ports, including the right to trade union representation and good health and safety conditions. If these standards are in place in more than half the world’s ports then half the battle is won. We are calling on the GNTs to set the industry standard. This means that the GNT campaign affects you even if you don’t currently work in one of the four GNTs.

This campaign is a call to all dockers to stand up for their rights by joining the GNT network. With the strength and solidarity of dockers across the globe, this campaign will push GNTs into guaranteeing decent standards at every port and terminal, no matter where it is in the world. Join the network now if you think you deserve:

  • respect for your union rights
  • your health and safety to count
  • your right to job security protected

Once you’re signed up to the GNT network, it’s up to you to spread the word about the campaign. Network members need to:

  • tell us about their latest news and developments so this can be shared with dockers worldwide
  • pass on the GNT campaign message to dockers and other port workers
  • co-ordinate any necessary action at terminals to support the aims of the GNT campaign

The GNT campaign team can help you with the support and tools you need to campaign at your port or terminal. Go to the activity and resource centre for more on this. Being part of the network will also give you access to up-to-date information about what's going on in other ports and terminals around the world. It will also enable you to compare and contrast conditions and practices, as well as offer support to other groups of dockers, and rally support when you need it.

Fight for a safer, fairer future for dockers.

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