• Global Network Terminals campaign

    Global Network Terminals (GNTs) have a massive worldwide presence, operating in more than 50% of the worlds’ ports.

  • Job security for port workers

    Dockers work in a competitive and increasingly privatised industry. Operators cut costs by hiring unskilled and casual labour, often provided by…

  • Container safety

    Container safety isn’t just an issue for the transport industry. Poorly packed and stowed containers can cause structural damage, injury and even…

  • Health and safety in the port industry

    The health and safety of dockers is a high priority for the ITF and its affiliates.

  • Women in ports

    From crane drivers to tally clerks, women are joining the ranks of dock workers around the world. Now more women than ever before are earning their…

  • ITF Bargaining training

    These modules have been designed specifically for the use of ITF affiliates in the dockers’ section who are starting to bargain with employers.

    Dockers Bargining And Negotiating
  • Maritime Roundtable 2016

    The Maritime Roundtable (MRT) 2016 will take place in Montreal, Canada 20-23 September 2016

    MRT 2016
  • Maersk network

    The Maersk network has been set up in recognition of the fact that, either directly or indirectly, thousands of ITF transport workers are employed…

    Maersk Network
  • Reclaiming lashing

    Take action to protect dockers' lashing work in Europe

    European Lashing Logo