IAM Delta Communications Toolkit

Our message: We want to use communications to spread the message about the vote at Delta Air Lines and let cabin crew know that if they vote yes they will become part of a family of millions of transport workers across the globe. They need to know they have our support so please do your bit to help us reach them, here are some ways you can do that!

Your own meetings and events: Hand out this leaflet so your attendees know the facts on IAM Delta. Please collect photo and film content.

Photos: Take pictures (individual or group shots) during your meeting of affiliates holding up IAM Delta ‘vote yes’ placards. Take a look at these examples

Film: Film short solidarity clips (on your mobile phone is fine). Take a look at these.

Upload your photos and film here, email them to walker_gemma@itf.org.uk or share them on social media (see below).

Share social media and website links and addresses with your audience using the PowerPoint slide attached. Encourage them to use their official union channels and their own personal ones to share information about the campaign.

Website: Access more information about the campaign via the official website: IAMDelta.net

Link to this from your own website.

Delta app: Download the Delta app on your mobile.

Logos: There are logos attached as printable Jpeg files which you can use in your social media output and as placards to support your photo and film content.

Twitter: Follow @ITFglobalunion and @IAMdeltaFA and retweet/favourite content.

Tag us when you put out your own content relating to this campaign and include hash tags #IAMDeltafa and #IAMvotingyes in your tweets.

Facebook: Monitor Facebook.com/ITFglobal and Facebook.com/IAMDeltaflightattendants and like and share relevant content.

Change your cover photo to the Vote yes Delta logo. See attached a resized version for Facebook cover photo.

Share images and film of your own solidarity with Delta flight attendants and tag @ITFglobal and @IAMDeltaflightattendants