• Flags of convenience

    Liberalisation and deregulation in the aviation industry have led to airlines cutting corners to stay competitive and profitable. One practice that…

  • The pack less campaign

    Baggage handlers, check-in staff and cabin crew all have to lift and move baggage on a daily basis. Flight scheduling means these workers are…

  • Air quality

    The issue of air pollution and what unions can do

  • Unruly passengers

    Disruptive or unruly passengers are a problem for cabin crew and handling staff on the ground, as well as other passengers. It is a particular…

  • IAM Delta Communications Toolkit

    We want to use communications to spread the message about the vote at Delta Air Lines and let cabin crew know that if they vote yes they will become…

  • Conference 2017 social media coverage

    View highlights of the social media coverage of the Civil Aviation 2017 conference on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    cabin crew meeting
  • Remote Towers – living document

    Developments, areas of concern and ITF position

    Remote Towers – living document