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The civil aviation section committee

Once every four years, ITF’s civil aviation section elects a section committee. It acts as a steering committee between the section conferences that take place every two years.

The section committee was elected during the Section Conference at the 43rd ITF Congress, held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 12 August 2014.

Section Officers


Oliver Richardson (Unite, UK)

Vice Chair

Joseph Tiberi (IAM, USA)

Women Transport Workers’ Representative

Wadha Salman Da’abis (GTUWATT, Jordan)

Young Transport Workers’ Representative

Ines Medina (CCOO, Spain)       

Africa/Arab World

Chair (Africa)

Zeleke Mena, (TCWTUIF, Ethiopia)

Chair (Arab World)

Abdullah Al-Hariji, (KAC, Kuwait)



George Abraham, (AEIG, India)

Europe (ETF Civil Aviation Section)


Enrique Carmona, (FSC-CCOO, Spain)

Latin America/Caribbean


Ricardo Frecia, (AAA, Argentina)

North America


Owen Herrnstadt, (IAMAW, United States)

Ordinary members


Katharina Wesenick, (Ver.di, Germany)

Jo-Anne Davidson (FAAA, Australia)

Richard D’Almeida (FESTA, Benin)

Francisco Lemos  (SINA, Brazil)

Sara Nelson (AFA-CWA, USA)

Anneli Nyberg (Parat, Norway)/ Christian Haanæs, (Cabin Crew Union, Norway) - 2 years each.

Antonia Panyotova (FTTUB, Bulgaria)

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